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Would you happen to have a file or photos of your battery management system lying around you wouldn't mind sharing? 

Thank you. 

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Hi Enio,


On KALI MERA the connection from AC-ground to the bonding was original (at least it seems so and would make sense), do not know how it is on the other Santorins, but I think it will be the same. Maybe Olivier can jump in and tell us how it really is..  there was also a post from olivier where he explained it in detail.

regarding battery charging: we have 500AH lead acid batteries, we take out not more than 150AH before recharging. Maximal Ampere for charging ist 80A (battery charger can deviler 200A) and that only for a short period, then goes down to ~ 50A.  I have a quite sophisticated battery management with genset, solar panels, shaft alternator and engine and monitor in detail for each device what goes into the battery and what takes energy and try to treat my batteries as good as possible.  Maybe your batteries accept more current than mine.  On KALI MERA a 100A alternator would have marginal impact on charging times and efficiency compared to a 60A  alternator.

fair winds, herbert
KALI MERA, SN120, Trinidad