Fresh Water Pump & Circuit - appropriate operating pressure?


Hi all,

The previous owner replaced the freshwater pump with a JABSCO Deck Wash pump running at 80psi. 

Studying literature and back-tracking through this group (thanks Bill, Alexandre, Kent, Alan, et al), I see that the standard install (AMFA Reya 66b fresh water pump ) is set with pressure between ~1 to 2 bar (15-30psi).

My question is: am I courting danger with an over-pressurized freshwater circuit?  I noted some leaks for the freshwater manifolding on the aft bulkhead of the engine room, and initially thought that this may be due to the seals and so on being dried out after 20 months on the hard, but now I'm not so sure.

Any thoughts or insights?

Moonshot, SM#396, NEB
Rhode Island