SM2k A/C drain clogged


This is a "heads-up" to SM2k owners.

BeBe #387 had the condensation drain clog up for the Salon AC. I did not notice it until about 10 gallons of water was found in the area under the aft settee fridge/freezer, the aft floor compartment under the dining table, the floor compartment in the galley and under the galley sink. Did I say that it is hot and humid in Trinidad?

After using a wet vacuum to remove all of the water, I removed and checked the drain hose from the Climma Compact 9. It was obviously blocked. I connected another piece of hose to the drain hose, then connected that hose to my dinghy pump and blew out the clog. I believe that the AC drain hose runs to a connection below the clothes washer, but not sure, as I did not remove the clothes washer. I then ran vinegar, then water through the drain hose and checked to see if water was visible draining into the gray water was.

I should have been warned because I have a water alarm beneath the galley sink. It is powered by a 9VDC battery that will beep when the battery is low. I assume that low battery beeping happened while we were off the boat for 6 weeks.

Oh, well, thoroughly cleaning those compartments were on my list of things to do.

Now, our cockpit is full of things, drying out, that were originally stored in those compartments. Most of the wet stuff is dive equipment including BCD, wetsuit, etc. I am happy that this was freshwater and not saltwater.


BeBe 387