Instal AC / Genset on Santorin


Hello all,

Has any of the SN owners ever installed an AC and Genset? 

Just looking to see what others have done in the last and possibly gain some lessons learnt by others. 

Thanks heaps. 


Iris, SN027


Ian Park

No AC but I did consider the genset. In the end the cost and upkeep put me off. I bought a 2000 watt petrol generator instead. It runs the mains battery charger if I need it and any mains voltage I require. The prop alternator and solar panels keeps things going well enough. My reasoning was that I could buy 5 petrol generators for the price of a diesel installation. I can also use it hauled out as it isn't seawater cooled.

However if you do install AC then I would think a genset is a must.


Ocean Hobo SN96

enio rossi

Good morning Trevor. A Fischer Panda genny (4KVA) is installed in EARENDIL over 10 years. It has direct cooling (sea water) and this creates some problems. Try to put one with heat exchanger.

enio rossi

Sorry, the message was no complete.
We use the AC to the washing machine, oven,battery recharge and all small appliances. Really very convenient.  Good wind.

Herbert Lackner


We have a 4kw Panda with Kubota 1 cylinder engine. Very satisfied, runs every second day, reliable and silent. 0,5 l diesel per hour. Up to now only one problem, caused by the mechanic in Kusadasi that made „some enhancements“ to the exhaust system and did not use the original spare – water entry occured. But easy to repair engine and very good design.  For an Amel installation a solenoid should be installed to separate battery minus from housing (connect only for starting).  This year I upgraded it to use variable rpm based on load, works good and silent.


Fischer panda in germany has the best support I ever had with any technical equipment in my life, absolut extraordinary,  at least due to this I would buy one again. 


For me on the santorin it is not the questuon if I would buy a Fischer Panda or not, it is if I really need a genset, and my answer would be „no“ (like Ian on Ocean Hobo a portable genset, maybe Honda is also a good alternative). Enough Solar panels and the great shaft alternator should be enough. But if installing an genset for me the Panda is a very good choice.



Kali Mera SN 120, Trinidad



Craig Briggs

Hello Trevor,
On our Santorin we have a 6kw Northern Lights generator (we run it at 110v or you can run it at 4.8kw @ 220v). We also have a 110v, 18,000 Btu A/C.  The Genset is just to port of the main engine - still lots of access room.  The A/C compressor is on a shelf to the port side of the engine room that I suspended from the bottom of the lazarette locker. It is a split system with a 12K BTU condenser/fan unit in the dinette seat locker, ducted to the main salon bulkhead, the head and the forward cabin, plus a 6K BTU unit on the shelf over the fuel tank that is ducted into the aft cabin. All have been working without problems for 12 years now (7000 hours on the genset). Also run a 20 gph water maker at 110v with high pressure pump in engine room and controls / membrane on the shelf over the fuel tank. And we have a 110v refrigerator with holding plates - split system with refrigeration under galley counter where original refrig and dry storage area was and freezer under salon dining table where original wine storage used to be. While cruising full time it takes about 45 minutes of generator running each morning and evening to freeze the holding plates, charge batteries and make water. This summer we ran the generator all night at anchor a few nights for A/C as it was so bloody hot in the US and we're too cheap to pay for a marina. 
Craig Briggs, SN#68 Sangaris