[Amel Yacht Owners] Re: What to do with the hole...

Kent Robertson

Thanks for that Herbert.  I already have an annoying sound coming from the grey water hose for the forward shower/sink.  There is a low spot in that hose and often an air pocket forms that causes a "bloop, bloop, bloop" sound when at anchor.  It usually goes away for a little while when a liter of water is put down the sink, but returns again later, often in the middle of the night.  It can't be heard from the aft cabin, but guests sleeping forward complain.  I haven't been able to adjust the hose to eliminate it.

Another annoying sound forward would probably sound like a symphony, and could lead to mutiny.

I assume that you can turn off the sounder when at anchor?  Is it loud enough to be bothersome when underway with all the other sounds at sea?

Kristy SM 243
Caribbean Panama___