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Do not turn ON the Dessalator for rinsing. Have the pressure valve all the way counterclockwise.

The reason the water pump was not running is:
You are using water pressure from the accumulator tanks and in about 30 seconds to a minute the pump will start

Or, you are turning the wrong valve, or the pre-filters are clogged and need changing.

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To rinse the Duo 60 Dessalator, the instructions say "This should be carried out while the desalinator is idle and with the pressure regulator open (fully anti-clockwise)."

I assume "idle" means "not on".  So with the Dessalator turned off, I turned the valve on the pre-filter to select fresh pressurized water from the house water pump, and nothing happens.  The house water pump does not run.  So I turned the Dessalator on with no pressure and still the house water pump does not run.  

Can someone tell me the proper way to rinse the filter with fresh water?

The thought occurs to me that the pre-filter may be completely plugged.  The system has not been run since Feb 2015.

I'm working on replacing the pre-filter and the membranes.



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Thanks for the reply Bill.  The "idle" is not very clear.

It turns out I only moved the rinsing valve 90 degrees.  It doesn't open until about 135 degrees from the "seawater" position.

Oddly, I have a Duo 100 manual in the Amel binder, but a Duo 60 per the instrument panel.  Since there are only two membranes, it must be a 60.

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