Shaft alternator amel maramu

nezih nezih

Hello to everybody,

Since I have amel maramu there wasnt shaft alternator on.

Im looking to buy 12v shaft alternator when Im in usa.

Can anybody give me a brand name, model number and advice shopping company link in usa?

Thank you

SY mahayana

Amel maramu 81


Ian Park


here is a photo of the shaft alternator from my Santorin (12v). It may be the same...


Ocean Hobo SN96

Herbert Lackner

This is the shaft alternator on the Santorin

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Hi Nezih,

I won't be back on my boat until the end of this month but I know that the pulley is just as important as the alternator.  You want to make sure that the diameter of the pulley is small enough generate sufficient rpms.  Also, the pulley on the propeller shaft of my boat is a multi-V belt, so the pulley on the alternator had to match that. Finding the right pulley for the alternator may be harder to find than the alternator.  I'm pretty sure the alternator I have is a Motorola product but I don't have the part number at this time.  I can get you the alternator part number and the diameter of the pulley the first week of January if you can wait that long.

Dennis Johns
s/v Libertad


I'm not surprised that you could not find this exact alternator in the US.  I had the same issue but I was able to have a local alternator shop review the specifications of the alternator I needed and have one made to those specifications.  You might want to research that possibility.

Dennis Johns
s/v Libertad

Kenneth Coats

I have 1985 Maramu 192.
I would guess this is the original prop shaft alternator.  Belt is 10 or so grooves about 1.25" wide
I can measure the pulleys if you need, as is in my shop at the moment.
Ken Coats
Golden Daze
Hampstead NC

Seq QtyOnHand PartLocation PartBrand PartNbr PartDesc
901 0 Prop Shaft Alternator Motorola 9AR2809D NGM series 25 Amp SEM 11 AN 85
Seq QtyOnHand PartLocation PartBrand PartNbr PartDesc
Prop Shaft AlternatorBelt Hutchinson 1092J Poly V