11 year old Furuno VX2 gear


On my 2005 SM, the plotter at the helm (RDP 148) has a glitch: after about 2 minutes the boat position disappears and does not reappear.  I have to shut the the Furuno gear down (including the plotter at the nav desk-RDP 149) to have it back on the helm plotter, but then after about 2 minutes it's gone again.  The plotter at the nav desk has no problem maintaining the position, only the helm plotter.  The helm plotter has the glitch every time.

Troubleshooting, logically, it isn't the network cable to the helm plotter (it only has a network cable and a power cable) since if it gets the position at any time its not the cable.  There is a Hub101 router below that feeds the RDP 148 at the helm, I suppose it could be the Hub.  

I sent the helm plotter RDP 148 in to Furuno to be checked.  If that's the problem I can replace it with a used Ebay one for about $600.  That would be much better than the $10k for all new gear, but I'm wondering about the longevity of the whole system.  The helm plotter is out in the weather so it being first to go isn't a surprise.

Anybody have this happen and know the source of the problem? 

Any thoughts on the longevity of 11 year old Furuno gear?



Wanderer, SM#477