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Well, we finally bought a water maker.  We ended up finding a spectra watermaker (Capehorn) that somebody pulled out of their boat and offered it to us for $500 bucks.  (Since we do not have a generator and soon to be 100%(ish) solar and wind it was the logical choice)

So now the question is how do we feed this.  I know on the super marama there is a sea chest (Raw water manifiold)...but our santorin has a vetus plastic strainer.

What are my options here.  I don't want to put another hole in the boat.

Ian Park

Our Santorin already had a watermaker added (with an engine driven HP pump). An additional hole and seacock had been added plus a magnetic drive electric boost pump. I can't suggest how else you can pick up sea water. The toilet sea water is inside the watertight cabins, so that's a negative, and I wouldn't want to feed off the engine sea water pick up.
Ours is situated in line with the shaft generator pulley on the centreline of the boat tucked in close to the engine mounting frame ahead of the Vetus exhaust box.
I agree about not putting another hole in the boat, but it has not been an issue. It's 3 thru hull seacocks compared to 8 in my previous 37' production yacht! And I guess the SM has that 3rd hole for the sea chest intake, or does that provide the engine raw water intake as well?


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Herbert Lackner



I installed an Echotec Watermaker on our Santorin and used the Sea Water inlet of the aft toilet, just installed a T at the seacock.  I also installed a magnetic booster pump next to the seacock and led the hose into the engine room where I installed the watermaker using the hole that is also used for the radar cable,   very simple and effective.


There was no need for an additional through hull, also not for the seawater outlet, here I installed a T-piece into the hoise after the manual bilge pump for the saltwater outlet.


If you want I can send you pictures or can try to upload some…



SN 120, KALI MERA, Dominica


I think the SM is just one and supply the engine watermaker generator and AC.



So where are the rest of the watermaker parts.  You are using the intake from the rear head?  Where did you put the hose so you didn't destroy the water tight bulkhead?

Herbert Lackner


I used the hole where the Radar cable from the mizzen goes to the engineer compartment. Very easy from the aft bathroom. Nothing to destroy, No additional hole. .

The saltwater Outlet Hose i connected to the Outlet Hose after the Manual bilge Pump. No extra hole here, top

I can Post Pictures...

Shelter Bay Panama

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Herbert Lackner

Hi Eric,

I built a panel out of plywood behind the batteries at the port side of the engine room. The high pressure pump is mounted on this panel. The 2 membranes (I have a 130 l / hour system) are mounted above the pump at the bottom of the port-locker (in the engine room). the filters are mounted also on the port side in the engine room, just behind the high pressure pump, under the mebranes.

the control panel is mounted under the sink in the galley, also the filter element that "enriches"the water that goes to the tank. I just added a Y-connection to the hose that goes to the manual fresh water pump below the sink.

salt water outlet of the high-pressure-pump goes to the manual bilge pump, I added a Y-connection there, so it just flows to the see and there is no need for an additonal through-hull.

I used the salt-water inlet from the aft-head, added a T-piece after the Trough-Hull. There is also enough space to mount the booster pump there, mounted it on a piece of plywood, coated with epoxy and glued there with Sica.  There is also a filter mounted there. The salt water hose goes from the inlet to the bathroom, I had to cut a small hole there at the bottom next to the waster basket, and then it goes up the channel to the mizzen and into the engine room (together with the radar... cables).

The installation needs no additional through hulls, no holes into the bulkheads...., you can install the complete system having the boat in the water.  I planned the water maker installation all summer long until I found this solution, and with that there is so much space that I could add another one if I would like to do so.

hope that helps,

Shelter Bay, Panama