Rub Rail

Duane Siegfri

The rub rail suffered damage due to being struck by another boat while at anchor.  I've read about how this is a rubber strip applied to the hull.  On my boat (2005 Amel Super Maramu) it appears to be fiberglass.  Am I mistaken?  I can't feel any seam below the rub rail, it feels like and appears to be composite with the hull.  The gutter is a separate piece that sets on top of the rub rail and there is a seam there.

It's frustrating because I went to the other boat after they anchored and politely told them I had 100' of chain out (a 4:1 scope) and they were too close.  They said they would "keep an eye on it".  We should have moved then, but there are very few choices right now.  The collision occured due to wind adverse to current and the propensity for their Cabo Rico to "sail" on the anchor.

Wanderer, SM#477