mainsail furler/ headsail sheets


I need to replace the mainsail furling motor, and was wondering if anyone knew the best place to find it in the states (I'm currently in West Palm Beach FL, heading back to LINY Sunday), or do I have to get it from Amel?

Also, I am looking to replace the headsail sheets. I'm assuming the original sheets  are aboard, and that they are some metric rated lines (size/breaking strength). What is the consensus regarding replacement?  If anything, I would oversize it. Parting the starboard sheet in 50+ is something I'd prefer to do only once.

If there are any Amelians in the vicinity of West Palm, I'd love to invite you down to Cannonsport Marina to have an evening cocktail and a few laughs.


Jeff s/v Spirit Amel 54

Duane Siegfri

Hi Jeff,

We're anchored between the Flagler and Royal Park Bridges, we'd love to get together with you!  How about Thursday?

You can reach us at 314-280-3757

Duane & Peg Siegfried
Wanderer, SM  #477