leakage current to the bonding system


Hallo to all in the group,

A year ego I found that my Amel 54 had a leak from the minus to the bonding system. I could see this by pushing the small switch on the generator panel to the minus direction. The light came up, which shows that there was a leakage from the minus.it was a challenge to find the cause. It was found to be the cameras and the bad-boy WiFi range enhancer that were installed in Turkey. Their body was actually the minus and they were connected to the masts.....

Now my boat is in St Raphael marina in Cyprus near limassol for the winter ,and in my visit last week to the boat, during a routine check, the minus light came up again. I tried to find where the contact of the minus to the bonding system was,but no luck.

I know I have to follow the advice of Olivier ,and disconnect the minus from each equipment and check again, but I want to ask if there are groups or junctions of minus wires that I can check first to make this search more systematic and easyer ?

Any advice and help will be much appreciated.

Ofer Magen
SV Alba
Amel 54 #160 2010

ofer magen

Thanks Joel,

Do you know where are the "junctions",in the boat,where "minus" wires  from the batteries are split to groups of equipments to make the hunting more systematic? 

I found the voltage between the bonding system and the minus to be 0.45V?
I had to leave the main switches ON, so how bad is it?

SV Alba 
Amel 54 #160