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OOPS - sorry guys. In the off season Katherine and I race Soling 1M Radio Controlled Model Yachts and the keel broke off of Katherine's  "yacht", not Sangaris.  Now, that would really have been a fun DIY project !

Rescuebond.com is the website, as is rescuetape.com. I think it's a small company and there's not much info. The packaging says it is an "Advanced Polymer" which isn't much help. Does say it can be applied to wet surfaces and/or underwater, although not recommended for permanently immersed joints. I emailed them asking for data sheets. Will let you know.

Cheers, Craig

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Woah!!!!   Say WHAT???  Your KEEL broke off ????

Did I miss something?  

Do you have a link to any more information about Rescue Bond?  Google can't seem to find an MSDS or details about the product at all...

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The Rescue Tape people recently came out with a new product called Rescue Bond XL1Pro which is said to be much better than 3M's 5200. I just tried it last week to rebed my keel after it broke off. It seems to live up to the hype, and I fully expect it to hold up over time,  Strong adhesive and flexible sealant. Comes in clear (which stays clear when cured) or white. No sticky mess like 5200. And it doesn't "go off" in the tube after you use some, like 5200 does.
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Ian Park

Best email this month!
The keel bit had everyone's eyes popping!
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