Tiny lights on 24V panel

Rink De Haan

Hi Willem,

Yes they are industry standard, but I always try the Amel originals first.

And yes, I am Dutch (live close to Rotterdam). We keep our SM in Pescara Italy, but wil move to Lefkas Greece this summer.
Where do you keep Kavanga?


Alan Leslie

Hi Willem,

I contacted Maude recently about those large red indicators, she told me they are not available anymore :-(

Elyse SM437

Willem Kroes

Hi Rink,

I agree with Bill that these small lights are standard industrial and everywhere available. This is not the case with 2 bigger warning lights on the SM for the gas solenoid and the same on the sea cooling water intake near the entrance. These lights are not anymore in production. I will contact Maude Touillet about these (broken red cover glass).

By the way are you Dutch? I just bought my SM Kavanga and hope to bring her to Spain or Portugal this summer after a replacement of the standing rigging

Best regards,

Willem Kroes.

SM2k #351 Kavanga

Jim Anderson

Great solutions, and easy too. Thank you all!

Jim Anderson

For the 220V panel, does anyone have a source for the green "AC Power Available" light? Maud says Amel doesn't have them anymore.
The best solution, a Blue Sea AC Amp/Volt meter ala Bill R/Bebe, is not in the budget for me right now.
SM384 Sirena Azul

Rink De Haan

Hello all,

I just ordered a couple of lights from Amel.

Maud send me this info:
Please find here attached a photo of the green and red light indicators.

The price is 5.90 euros/unit without taxes and without transport. The dedicated 24V 1 W light bulbs are also available. They are supplied in bags of 10 (17.20 euros without taxes and without transport.
I am very sorry but the light for the gas is not available from us anymore.

See photo attached. If these are the same lights they are not expensive.

SM2K #330 Razor's Edge

Jeff Wingfield <ki4jde@...>

I had the same question a few weeks ago. My request to AMEL was answered in the letter below. Jeff Wingfield, LAST TANGO

Good afternoon,

Thank you for the photo. The LED bulbs cannot be sold separately.

There are 2 LED bars for each electric panel.

The price for 1 LED bar for the 220V panel is 119.03 euros without taxes and without transport
The price for 1 LED bar for the 24V panel is 149.48 euros without taxes and without transport

Feel free to take contact with me for any further details.

With my kindest regards,

Service clientèle - Customer service

Alan Leslie

Hello group,

Does anyone have a source / part number / brand for the tiny lights on the SM 24V panel (used for the freezers, anchor lights, nav lights etc) ?  

Thanks for any advice



Elyse SM437