Thomas Peacock

I came across a radio story about a two young guys, one of whom started off by trying to sail around the world. Not sure how that turned out, but they then got hooked on a hunt for  gold treasure buried in a deep pool of water within a cave. In order to look for the gold, they ended up building their own undersea remote operated vehicle. It's "open source", but they also supply a build-it-yourself kit for $900. 

I have just ordered one. Possible uses (besides just having fun):

-checking anchor set

-checking why anchor won't come up

-checking prop

-checking for good snorkeling (I'm not Scuba)

-I'm sure many more

Anyone interested, their webpage is "openrov dot com".

No financial or other interests in the company.

Tom Peacock

SM #240 Aletes

St Augustine, FL