Raymarine Autopilot problem

Paul Osterberg

Today our Raymarine Autopilot failed, when in Auto position it returned to stand by with the message current limit. I have meassured the voltage and no problem it was well over 25 volts, we also had the engine running at that time so voltage should be OK, and probably the current as well. All fuses was ok.
We have the course computer S3G and ST 7000 control head. Anyone experienced the same problem? Or known how to fix?
Paul on SY Kerpa SM 259 currently in the BVI

Alan Leslie

It could be that the gears in the drive have failed...something is putting a lot of load on the drive to cause the over current situation...it is more than likely something to do with the linear drive and / or motor
You will have to dismantle it to find out

Where are you ?

Is it likely there is a Raymarine technician nearby ??

Good luck
Elyse SM437