1986 Maramu replacing cutlass bearing

Jacob Champness

Hi all.  

So it's looking pretty good for us to finally become real Amel owners.  The 1986 Maramu we're looking at needs the cutlass bearing replaced.  This is not a job I've undertaken before.  There are plenty of resources about it online, but I wondered if there's anything particular about doing the job on a Maramu that I should be aware of?  

Thanks for any advice!



We used an off the shelf Morse bearing and had it machined to fit the aperture. I'd suggest having two machined so you have a replacement onhand in the event you need to change it out again and you're in some third world place without a machine shop available. I seem to recall it was a Silverfish model bearing but certainly don't rely on my memory from 8 or 9 years ago. 
Deep freeze the bearing prior to install.