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eric freedman

I cut the light socket open with a very fine blade ( a jewelers saw). I then removed the led and the resistor.

I put 2 new LED’s in parallel for more light and soldered the resistor back in place. I glued the socket back together with model cement.

It has been working fine for about 4 or 5 years.

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For the 220V panel, does anyone have a source for the green "AC Power Available" light? Maud says Amel doesn't have them anymore.
The best solution, a Blue Sea AC Amp/Volt meter ala Bill R/Bebe, is not in the budget for me right now.
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No need for surgery of the existing lamp.  These are industry standard panel indicator lamps to fit a 12mm hole. They are easily available in a wide range of voltages and colors (if green shouldn't be to your taste!)

You can buy them from Amazon for US$7 in any color you might like. For example Amazon item number B01N7XVWTT  As you browse for these, the key specifications are they have to fit a 12mm hole, and run on 220V.  Be a bit careful, there are similar lamps with a 12mm face diameter that fit a 9mm hole!

Important Note:  that 12mm hole spec is from my boat's panel.  Double check yours to see it it is the same.

I am sure there are suppliers could get them even cheaper.

It is always useful to remember that Amel didn't have things like this custom made, that would have been extraordinarily expensive--to no benefit. They bought things that were easily available to them at the time. It's always a good idea to search industrial supply chains for these kinds of routine parts, most are still easily available with a bit of google work--once you know what to ask for!

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