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Actually kiwi is a Acrylic Polymer not a rubber base.  It just aha a "cushiony" feel.

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Has anyone used a product called "Kiwi Grip on their decks?    A previous owner on our 1985 Maramu  painted the outer decks (not cabin top) and it gets very hot in the tropics.  Huge difference between the temp of the cabin top and the outer decks.  Kiwi grip is a rubber based product that a friend used on his older boat and it looked and felt very good.

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to paint the stripes in white was one of the best ideas on my AMEL  ;-)

it look much friendlier than the brown once


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Three choices depending on a lot of things:

1.) You would be surprised what you can do by simply repainting the fauk caulking between the faux teak boards.Do one of the forward hatch covers and see what it looks like....see attached 

2.) If that does not look good to you, you, the faux teak boards are actually thick gelcoat. Try sanding off a little, then repaint the faux caulk.

3.) If that still does not achieve the appearance you want, 
  1. Sand everything thoroughly
  2. Use Awlgrip cream color to paint the faux boards and faux caulking. 
  3. Use 1/4" masking tape to cover the faux caulk, 
  4. Then have Awlgrip mixed to match the color of teak and paint the faux teak boards. 
  5. Remove the masking and you have faux teak boards, caulked with cream color faux caulk. 

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