Hauling out Hurricane season in Cairns


A great thank you to all of you David Colin and John (+Bill again).
An update from Cairns Yacht Squadron : they declined my application because the Super Maramu is too large for their lift.
On the other hand, I've got an extensive information from Bundaberg Port Marina which appears to be very well organized for hauling out and store securely the boat. Colin's information are also really helpful. I'll finish to evaluate the alternatives including Scarborough and New Zealand which wasn't part of my first plan and let you know.

Thank you


Sounds like that's for the best. The lift is 40 tonnes with a maximum width of 4.6m so probably only just too small. Norship which has the bigger lifts up to 400 ton is quite a lot more expensive. I think you would get better rates further south with more competition from boat yards and more focus on recreational boats.


The yards here are well equipped to deal with the small chance of a cyclone but the possible deterioration due to high humidity, heat and heavy rain I think is an issue if your boat is unattended through the wet season so worth the detour south. The 900 mile sail from Brisbane to Cairns is easy between May and September with a very high likelyhood of 20 to 25 knots south easterlies.



John, Maramu #91 Popeye