Increasing fuel capacity - Maramu #178


Hi Bill,
I previously owned a Mango for 15 years with the optional tank (overall capacity was 1000l) and I often used the 2nd tank capacity. 
When I went for Atlantic and Pacific crossing with my SM, I was of course very skeptical about the 600 l of her tank and like you I've placed on the deck 6 Jerrycans (which I didn't use during the passages (but gave me a great peace of mind ;-)
The absolute difference between a Maramu/Mango and a SM is that with the ancient designs you have to use a lot more the engine in light winds which is often the condition for passages. FMHO you're both right, additional Diesel is a necessity for passages with Maramu/Mango designs and can be avoided with SM

[Note] Additionaly, the SM has got a generator when you have to run the Perkins for energy with the Maramu/Mango and it also make a difference in consumption.

I hope it helps
S/V ScentStone SM2K #375


The mango included a generator as an option in the build sheet back in ancient 1981. And also saw Amel meltem with generator. They were probably Hugh.

Ian Park

Just an addition, I think the Maramu and some of the older designs had the prop shaft generator, which, given fair winds, produces a fair amount of electricity en route.
I agree though about extra fuel and peace of mind - our Santorin carries 400l and we took an extra 80l in Jerry cans in the liferaft locker. We hardly used any diesel at all on the Atlantic crossing and only needed the engine coming in to anchor. We have no experience of the longer Pacific passages.
Any other comments from folks with the prop shaft alternator?


Ocean Hobo SN96


Thanks for your comments Ian. The previous owner mentioned they used very little fuel on their last pacific crossing as the prop-driven alternator kept the batteries topped up.

By comparison our future travel plans will take us to some places where extended motoring is likely or necessary on occasions. I also prefer to keep the deck and lockers clear of jerries.

The question is where do you put the extra fuel without upsetting the trim of the boat or taking up other valuable storage space. I initially thought of sacrificing some of the freshwater storage capacity with a transfer pump to the main tank. I haven't heard yet how other Maramu owners have addressed this issue.