Removing the damn Vetus coupling



Craig Briggs

Necessity is indeed the mother of invention - great job.
Cheers, Craig SN#68

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Using 2 cans of

PB blaster and a lot of use of wedges and a small sledge hammer, I succeeded in accomplishing nothing.

Before setting the

gearbox on fire, I made a set of 4 bolts with nuts that pushed against the transmission and went through the holes in the coupling. After 6 hours of wrenching the coupling finally came off. I will post photos when I get home.


The transmission shaft measures 35.00-35.03 mm. The coupling also measures 35.00 mm.



The alignment adapter also measures 35.00 mm as of today. tomorrow we will have them turned a little bigger. I will also have the disgusting disk for the brake remade out of stainless,

The rest hopefully will be easy.

Fair winds,


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