Maramu mainsail furling issues

Jacob Champness

So I disengaged the furling motor and was able to manually furl in the last little bit just as you said, Olivier, thanks! Now to sort out cleaning the brushes and finding the breakers and all that. I'll keep you all posted. Thanks for all the help!

Jacob Champness

Got it sorted, mostly.  

It turned out that as you all said, it was the breakers.  They're located in the companionway on this boat.  And now I know what "mat" and "bome" mean!  Thanks, Eric and Olivier, for helping me understand why I would hear a solenoid even when the breakers were off.

Now here's a puzzle: When I disengaged the furling motor to manually furl in the last little bit of the main the other day, I found a weird little broken piece of some kind of pressed material taking the torque from the furling motor to the furling unit (photo attached).  This must not be original equipment, right?  Could I maybe replace it with just a little block of aluminum or something?  

Jacob Champness
Maramu 202 - Lark
St. Martin