Adding Bilge area pumping Capacity

Mohammad Shirloo

Thanks every one for all the responses and suggestions. Not changing the system, is what I have been leaning towards. I am a very strong believer of keeping it original and have not made any changes for the past 2 years that we have owned her. 

The one intriguing suggestion was the potable honda pump. Honda makes a GX25 4-stroke with a 25CC engine that weighs 14 pounds and pumps 2200 GPH.

Thanks again for sharing your opinions.

Mohammad and Aty
B&B Kokomo
Amel 54 #099

Ian Park

I find that Bill Rouse has again made the points I had buzzing round my head.
A first question should be how many Amels have been holed and how? If so where was the breach? Then how serious was the effect.
I think that on other production boat sinkings, the keel is one area for serious impact damage. I can't imagine what could do that amount of damage to an Amel keel at the speed I sail.
Frontal impact with a container. Again I can't imagine the damage being too significant further aft than the anchor locker.
Groundings? Probably close enough to shore to beach or reach port.
I think Henri thought it all out before us - it's why I bought an Amel.


Ocean Hobo. SN96


Hi Mohammad,
Regarding a portable bilge pump we can show you what we have.  I had a high capacity 24V pump aboard from the previous owner and decided it would be good to make use of it. *For the reasons owners have posted it was not high on my list but since I had the expensive part, why not?  Management of a rigid intake hose, longer output hose, and 24V cord are all issues.  I came up with a design using a thin board with integrated handle, and a hour glass shape for managing the hoses and electrical cord.  The nylon cord that holds everything together can also be used to secure the pump in operation.  I think the suction hose was at least 1.5 meters, output hose 5 meters, and a 10 meter electrical cord with alligator clips.  The output hose can be a thin collapsible lightweight type hose that saves space. The carpenter at Yacht Marin in Turkey made me the board for $7USD!!!, and so for the cost of a switch, hoses we have a handy, organized, and compact unit that we hope never to use.  Many of us carry a spare bilge pump around anyway, so here is an idea. Sorry you can't see the switch but it is a waterproof push pull mounted near the pump and the 24V cord with alligator clips is also there

Bob, KAIMI SM 429
 *Then again there was that incident back in 2004 where my son forgot he was filling the water tank on our Santorin and the tank access panel was open for cleaning....