[Amel Yacht Owners] Re: Raymarine A3G AST -Drive Stopped

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If I were you, I would buy the X30 from him and send him your S3G for repair. 

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Hi Bill,

I guess I wasn't clear, I meant the Autopilot would not turn the wheel while on "Auto".  The clutch engages but the Autopilot won't turn the wheel in response to "+10".

I've been in contact with Dan G.  He suggested I disconnect the power and motor wires from the S3G and hook them up directly to be sure the motors on the drives were still operational.  I used the breaker to turn them on and off, and both motors work.  Running the motor this way the clutch does not engage (because the S3G has no power), but you know the motors work.

He doesn't have a spare S3G, but does have an X30.  It sounds like the X30 would be "plug and play" so if the S3G doesn't work I have a good way to go.

Thanks for your help,