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We have used Coppercoat for the last 5 years. It works as advertised. We obtained our supplies from Jim Edwards in Florida (321-514-9197) who is the USA representative. It takes 14 units to do a SM. At Jim's latest cost per unit  $130  it would cost approx $1,820. We got it for $90 per unit as a boat show special. No sales tax charged as we were shipping it out of state (Florida). Shipping costs unknown. We had to re-apply this year as the boatyard that applied did not do a good job in New England. They said they had applied it before but upon seeing them apply it it was evident that they were newbies.

Jim recommended putting on a barrier coat first which we did as we had all the old under coat removed. We did this at a cost of $3,000 plus 3 gallons of undercoat costing $600.

We applied the second coating in St. Martin with a team of 6 over 2 days. NO cost except for lots of beer and lunches. Considering the haul-out cost plus the cost of the paints and supplies the cost of $12,000 sounds high unless they are stripping the boat down.

Cost of Coppercoat                                           $1,820

Epoxy paint                                                              600

Haul-out                                                                1,500

Misc supplies (Brushes, trays etc)                        200

Stripping old under coat off (not Required)    3,000


Paul & Susan LaFrance

Former owners of SV NOMAD SM#362

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We have decided to apply Copper Coat on our Amel SM,. We are on our way to Chesapeake Bay, and have got one cost estimate from a yard there. The estimate is 12000 USD. Rather expansive, have anyone of you out here applied Copper coat? Is our indicated price resonable?
Any one have any suggestion of a good place to have it applied in The Chesapeak Bay area
Paul on S/Y Kerpa SM#259

Paul Osterberg

Thank you all for your input, we are rather convinced that CC will work good for us. However we will shop around for a good yard who can do it at a reasonable cost. We have to leave the boat somewhere in Chesapeake and go back to Sweden for a few weeks first half june to see our kids. Thought it would be good to have the bottom fixed during our absence, but have to reconsider when to do it. The bottom is very fouled with a green fure, so we will aske som divers to clean it.
Paul on SY Kerpa SM3259 currently on Spanish Wells Eleuthere leaving for the Chesapeak Bay in a few days