Salvage 1989 Maramu Announcement

Hi All,

My non-repairable fire damaged Maramu is now being auctioned off to the highest bidder by the insurance company. If you need everything but the (damaged) hull including a new 75HP Yanmar, all rigging except the parts that were toasted, spars with rebuilt furling motors, new electric panels and a mile of new wire and lots of spares then this might be for you. Ask Joel if the parts on this 1989 will fit on your boat. The salvage company's website is and they have a way to bid online. I am posting this in hope that a Maramu owner will be able to use the parts and then sell the hull as a liveaboard or destroy it and make the boat unattractive to someone who will do the cosmetic repair and sell the boat to a new sailor who will get injured or die when the rig fails. 

Working hard to make enough to buy a new (TO ME) Maramu!

Best Regards,

Ross in NY

former Amel owner...



Sorry for your misfortune.  Why do you state 'non-repairable'?   I've seen a lot worse properly reconstructed to be fully functional and safe, but who knows.  Your thoughts please.