[Amel Yacht Owners] Procedure to unfurl and fuel the mizzen on a SM

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The furling does take a little bit of getting use to it. If you are trying to pull out the sail and it gets stuck at the top while coming out of the mast, the trick is to turn the furling winch the other way (furling it back into the mast) while keeping the outhaul tight. Work the furling back and forth a little bit and it will come loose. This is true with both the main and the mizzen mast. On the main sail, do not over strain the motors. Keep the outhaul snug and slowly furl in and out. It will come loose. Sometimes it will come out a little bit at a time but keep going back and forth and it will all come out.


When furling the sail, it is important to keep the outhaul in pace with the furling. On the mizzen, tail the furling line and keep it a little snug. On the main, watch that the outhaul does not outpace the furling. If you have to stop the outhaul and let the furling catch up keeping the main snug while furling.


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Just arrived in the Netherlands from Denmark. We had a nice sail, but a problem occured with the mizzen. I could not unfurl the whole sail. It seems to be jammed in the upper part of the mizzen mast. First question: how to get it out? Second question: What is the right procedure to fuel and unfurl the mizzen? I noticed that on the winches you can't see the the furling inside the mast profile.
Please advise me.

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I would also add that the mizzen boom should be perpendicular to the mast when furling. If the aft end is higher, it won't furl evenly and will get stuck.