Maramu 1989 #261 Fire Damage


Hello, I purchased Eyes of the World. She will sail again!  I plan on taking this boat around the world.  I have 25 of experience with fiberglass boat repairs and this boat can be restored to strong as original when done right. This is a very extensive repair but I have the experience and skill to do it right. I have restored worse off boats with larger damaged area.   I have a large budget for the repair and it wont be a quick fix or cosmetic repair for sure!  The boat won't be for sale.  The entire repair will be documented start to finish, including all my future travels. Did you name the boat or was it a previous owner? Im a Grateful Dead fan so I couldn't be happier with the name.  


Best of luck. I flew to new Rochelle myself last Thursday. She's not as bad as they say. It was heat radiation not fire from a boat next to her. She's seems in very good shape. I've worked on glass myself it can be fixed no problem. I'm glad she gets to sail again. But very mad you out bid me.

Danny 83 mango #33