not enough RPM and only 6 knots with 2300



A dirty hull and especially a dirty prop, can easily reduce speed by 2 knots.  It would be a mistake to make changes to the engine before you tested with the bottom and prop clean.

Whatever else you decide, do NOT ever make changes to the injection pump!  That is a matter for experts ONLY.  I do not mean diesel engine experts, but Injection Pump Experts.  Changing timing on a diesel engine can cause very serious damage.

Bill Kinney
SM160, Harmonie
Highlands, NJ



Exactly the same for my boat.  The MaxProp pitched correctly will give me 8.0 knots at 3000 RPM.

Bill Kinney
SM160 Harmonie
Highlands NJ


Hi Alain,

Thank's a lot for all your explains. I have a fixed prop and 2 years ago I got 3000 rpm with about 8 knots max speed.
Two years ago, all the prop entretien was done by AMEL specialist at La Rochelle.
For me it is understandable, with a heavy boat and not cleaned hull that I loose speed in the range of half to max 1 knot and not 2 knots at the situation today.

Does anybody already have changed the timing point of the injection pump or the injectors themeselves to get more speed with more gasoline that accelerates the rpm when moving with gear?

I will ask the specialists from AMEL next time when I will be back in La Rochelle at the famous shipyard.

Fair winds,



Hi Philipn,
I have a TMD22 too and a Maxproip. My max speed is 8knots at 3000rpm. Most of the time a change in performance and/or important top speed change is due to somebody having changed the pitch of the propeller; Did you maintain you propeller recently?
Fair winds