[Amel Yacht Owners] wiring conduits from lazarette to chart table

Sv Garulfo

Hi all

Still working on that solar panels project.

Today was about planning the wiring between the lazarette and somewhere near the battery bank.

On our 54 there is a PVC tube that runs up from the lazarette to the back of a the book shelve located above the hanging cupboard at the chart table. It's used to run the BLU cabling, for instance the antenna coax. I was able to pull a line through it, happy.

Now, next to the chart table end of that tube, I can see another, smaller, empty tube. That looks like an ideal conduit for the cables. Except it does not exit anywhere, and the line puller blocks at what sounds like the bulkhead of the lazarette...

A few pictures to illustrate

Now the question:
Does anyone have a similar set up and know where this tube is supposed to end? 


Amel 54 #122
Cap d'Agde, France