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Good luck! I have searched all over the internet for these lugs. I checked with Maud at Amel last year and they didn’t have any. Perhaps now they might?


Please let me know if you find them. I would like to buy a few.



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Hi, Amel Cousins.

I am trying to find replacement connectors for one of the many power distribution points in our boats.  They are the ones with the brass bolt that screws down onto a multitude of wires to distribute power from one source to multiple instruments, pumps, etc.  Specifically one that distributes 12V power from the 24-12V converters to the nav station instruments.  I've been searching online for electrical power distribution blocks, terminals, bus, etc and don't see anything like them.


Does anyone know what they are called, or the manufacturer, or a source?  There is limited space where mine failed, so I'd like to use a similar one for the replacement.  Otherwise I'll have to go with a stud and put rings on all the wires going to it.


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