Routes From Georgia to Puerto Rico

Courtney Gorman

Hi all looking for advice and information on routes from Georgia (Brunswick) to Puerto Rico in early December.  Thanks



Some information you did not supply, but is critical for a recommendation. How long do you want this trip to take?  Where in PR do you plan to make landfall? If you insist on doing it in one, in as short a time as possible go it WILL be tough.  You will be close hauled most all the way, and the tradewinds can be brutal going the wrong way.  If you have never tried such an upwind passage, I assure you it is much more uncomfortable than you imagine.  This is NOT a trip do for fun, but because you have to, or because you do not know any better.

Some recommendations you have gotten here are not exactly wrong, but will result in what--to me--would be a very unpleasant trip.  With care, patience, and planning it does not need to be a "Thorny Path". The book you NEED to have is "Passages South, The Thornless Path To Windward." by Bruce Van Sant.  Even if you do not follow his advice, he is clear about what you are going to be dealing with and strategies on how to make it as easy as possible.  I'll warn you though, as an author he is cranky old cuss, and the book is self-edited, so is not always easy to read.  But it is worth the effort.  There is a LOT to consider, and it is impossible to summarize all the pros and cons in a one page email.

We worked our way along that route this past winter, (Late December to February) pretty closely following Van Sant's advice.  We NEVER had a rough beat into the wind.  It took us weeks, waiting for weather windows in various places, but it was a delightful trip. Sometimes we waited just because we liked where we were.  On average we probably waited for weather three days out of four.

We left from FtL, crossed to Cat Cay, from there across the Bank to Chub Cay, then to New Providence, followed by Allen Cay, Shroud Cay, Big Majors Spot, Mayaguana, Turks and Cacos, and from there we got a perfect weather window for a three day jump straight to Mayaguez on the west coast of PR.  

That trip took a few days less than two months.  Easy sailing every step of the way because we waited for the weather to go our way.  

If you like, you can follow those steps along in our blog, I hope the information in it is useful. I tried to include my weather thinking as we were making decisions along the way.

I am not a delivery captain, I never travel on a schedule.  I would never plan a long upwind passage in the tradewinds.  It is NOT my idea of fun. Other people DO enjoy that kind of thing.  More power to them. I'll go 1000 miles out of my way to avoid a week long beat into 25 knot winds.

Bill Kinney
SM160, Harmonie
Bar Harbor, Maine.

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Hi all looking for advice and information on routes from Georgia (Brunswick) to Puerto Rico in early December.  Thanks