Instrument Interconnections

Dean Gillies

Hi All,

I'm trying to track down a fault whereby my B&G Hydra 3000 system is not receiving heading data. When I look at heading it just reads 'off'.  According to the manual this means it is not getting data.

I've looked through all the documentation on the boat, and I cannot find any information which describes the interconnection of the various navigation instruments on the boat.  I.e. Which data buses are connected where etc.

Am I looking for something that Amel has never produced?

I know that this part of the boat design is very fluid, as instruments evolve over time, and original owners customise the production, so it's something that would be quite boat specific.

I'm reluctant to start pulling things apart to trace my own diagram if I don't need to do that.

If anyone has anything of this nature they could share, it would be most appreciated. 

We have a 2010 54 with NAVnet 3D displays, Radar, Furuno 511, B&G H3000, GP-150, FA-50, FAX-30, PG-500.



SY Stella

Amel 54 #154



Dean - 

Of the previous 10 calls I worked on that where electronics that were not working properly.... 9 of them were a bad connection. Only one was a faulty transducer. Start from the control unit and trace your wires. Most likely something got shaken loose in bad weather or getting knocked around accidentally. Unfortunately, this may or may not be easy. 

Also B&G (Simrad) has some of the best customer support in the business. (If calling from US 800-628-4487)

Cheers and best of luck. 

Bill Maffei
It's all Good 



A quick question: is this a new fault, or has your Hydra never shown heading data?

Bill Kinney
SM160, Harmonie
Boston, Mass

Dean Gillies

Bill K, 
I wish I knew the answer to that. We've owned the boat less than a month, and it has been like this since then.  

I suspect it may well have been like this for a long time. We also have a problem with our FA-50 AIS not transmitting, and if I check the databases of marine traffic etc, it has never transmitted.  The previous owner was not so familiar with the electronics on the boat.


Wolfgang Weber

Dean ,
Do you see the little switch AIS Tx = should be up if you want to transmit AIS signal.
Switch down = only receiving AIS.
Is your FA-50 programmed to your MMSI? 
FA-50 is under the rear cushion of the sea in front of the NAV.
Programmed via LAN see Operators manual - on board or download 
Login name is : furunoservice
Password : fa50

The Hydra 3000 is not connected to compass 

Wolfgang SY Elise Amel 54#162 Korini GR

Dean Gillies

Bill M,
That's good advice. 

Step 1 for me is to get an understanding of the entire system and it's interconnections. Then I'm happy to start digging out cables 😳   

I now believe the heading data for the B&G instruments is supposed to come from the PG500 which is a Furuno product, so that could be an interesting finger pointing exercise!

Is there a simple method to connect a monitor onto the interconnections so the data can be inspected?

All my past experience has been with Raymarine instrumentation, and I have all the tools to diagnose, so having Furuno and BG is a new challenge for me.  I'm impressed with the Furuno hardware, but the software leaves a lot to be desired and the quality of the chart data is simply appalling (read dangerous). According to Furuno I'm currently anchored 30 metres ashore on the island of Delos!  I now routinely sail with Navionics running on my IPad as the Furuno charts are just too unreliable for me to trust.

SY Stella
Amel 54 #154

Dean Gillies

Hi Wolfgang,


Unfortunately I could not find such a switch in the same location on Stella.

I have not managed to find the end of the power cable for the FA50 to see if the two conductors for silent mode are connected there.  Still reluctant to start dismantling wire harnesses to trace things!

I have programmed the MMSI etc into the FA50 and I can see the blue "transmit" light flashing.

An important question is whether the blue light still flashes when silent mode is engaged?

FA50 manual says the Tx light flashes orange if silent mode is selected.

Can anyone with a silent switch confirm if that is actually true?

If you select silent mode, does the FA 50 show blue flashes every three minutes, or more frequent if underway?

Wolfgang, do get heading data at all on your H3000?

Many thanks


SY Stella

Amel 54 #154

Wolfgang Weber

TX is permanently orange in silent mode, no light and every few seconds blue when active AIS.
I have no connection to  H3000 with Heading. 

2 years ago my FA50 was dead in receiving AIS. No  connection via LAN - damage of the Mainboard. I had to replace the whole system for over 1000 €.I disconnected all the cables on the internal board,  so installation work was not much. When I had problems I contacted stephane at = stephane Geniteau who made the installation for Amel

Wolfgang Weber SY Elise Amel 54 #162

Dean Gillies

Thanks Wolfgang,
In that case, I suspect my silent wiring connections are not shorted.
I'll chase up the vhf connections before going further with the unit.

ofer magen

Hi Dean, 

In my boat the AIS is normally not transmitng. You have to read the manual and see how to change  it on the plotter. 

On the hidra 3000, heading is off also on my boat. 

Ofer Magen 
Amel 54 160

Dean Gillies

Thanks Ofer, good to know it's not just me without heading data.
I'll put that problem further down my list for the moment!

Some progress ...
Today I moved the VHF Antenna cable which was connected to the VHF radio, to the FA50.
Now, I am transmitting successfully, as well as receiving.

So, now I need to find out where is the bad connection to the antenna.

I note there are 4 VHF antennas, 2 on each mast.
Why so many?

SY Stella
Amel 54 #154