Jobs to do on the hard standing?

smiles bernard

Hello !

I planning on lifting our 1985 Maramu #162 from from the water for a few months. it might actually be 6 months in the end - not 100% sure yet but she is a plane ride away till we pack up jobs and houses and move aboard next spring so i would prefer her out of the water, safer and drying out her hull etc

Once launched again ~ next spring we will be sailing a N Atlantic circuit so i'm wondering what things to do whilst she is ashore

I know i need to change all the seacocks, check anodes, antifoul etc 

but also looking for advise about any other jobs eg:

-  rudder servicing : is checking for play/excess movement enough or do folk recommend dropping the rudder and replacing bearings, inspecting pintles etc? On my old boat this was easy but she was tiny and I'm not actually sure how i would drop the rudder in the maramu  in case needed. Any hard won experience with this most welcome! 

- prop shaft/ alignment etc i think this is ok - its recently been replaced including cutlass bearing etc but worth a check i supposed  ?

- bow thruster maintenance. She has a pretty new vetus bow thruster so i can look into that 

Anything thoughts or experience would be most welcome 

Related to this, She is in a sunny part of the world and i've been wondering about a deck cover. She doesn't have one so it'd be expensive but id be interested in others approaches to this too. Worth it for UV protection?

Many thanks in advance folks!