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Hi from ST Petersberg

Well without the benefit of recent emails I tipped a couple of litres of bleach down each shower sump which got rid of the smell for a few days but it returned.....

So then got hold of some liquid clothes washing soap and tipped a couple of litres down each shower sump. This has dealt to the issue for 8 months now.


John Hayes (normally in NZ)

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It is impossible to stop the bilge from smelling, but it is easy to keep the smell out of the boat.

The previous owner of Harmonie came up with this one, so I can not claim credit, but it is the best kind of idea, simple, low tech, and totally effective.

Where the hoses drain into the bilge, use three elbows and three short lengths of hose to make little "U" traps.   Works a charm.  Best if you make them so they are easily removable for easier access when it is time to clean the bilge.

Bill Kinney
SM160, Harmonie
Annapolis, MD


Thanks much everyone. I will give these suggestions a try! Best regards from Corfu! Cheers. Joerg