Head swivel

John Broersen

Thank you all for your excellent advise, will head swivel with hot fresh water first. If this not work then we will disassemble unit.

Thanks again
C'est si Bon


Hello C'est si bon,

In my pre-AMEL days, I had a boat on which the swivel stuck. Some one from Hood sails told me to do this: run water through the swivel, then soak it with WD-40. Then wash again and soak again and wash again . This worked . I know that WD-40 is not a lubricant but it is a strong detergent and removed all the accumulated dirt. It makes a mess on the deck, but washes off with lots of water.
I now do this about once a year and it has worked for 19 years.

Ladybug. S/M 216. At anchor in a sheltered bay north of Newport, RI


Hello Bali Hai,
I bought my AMEL new from the factory in 1998. The roller furling is original. The boat has always been called Ladybug.
Ladybug, s/m 216, preparing to leave my storm hole and return to Newport , RI