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Thanks Mark McGovern for this valuable information. This challenge will be faced by every TMD22 owner.

For those that don't know, Mark is the president of TurboXS. 


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On Sep 20, 2017 5:16 PM, "mfmcgovern@... [amelyachtowners]" <amelyachtowners@yahoogroups.com> wrote:

I was recommended to go to this place for rebuilds from a Garrett turbocharger dealer: http://gpopshop.com/services/rebuilding/

These guys apparently specialize in rebuilding turbochargers.

I called them and they can do a rebuild on that turbocharger. Assuming there is no damage to the shaft or wheels, they charge $350 for the rebuild of that turbo which is really cheap. If they have to replace the turbine wheel, shaft, compressor wheel or center cartridge it will start to get much more expensive. They charge a $75 inspection fee but ONLY if you DO NOT have them do any work. If they do the rebuild for you, there is no assessment fee.

Note, I do not have any personal experience with them or their services. They were just recommended to me by a Garrett dealer.

Another viable option if there is wheel or shaft damage is to buy a new complete replacement CHRA (Center Housting and Rotating Assembly): http://www.invasionautoproducts.com/gatbchca447.html

It the main "guts" of the turbocharger. You would re-use the original turbine housing, compressor housing and wastegate as those parts rarely fail. With this you have essentially a brand new turbocharger for way less money.

Hope that helps some of you.

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