SM Furling Motor Brush Dimensions

Ian Shepherd


can anyone please tell me the LENGTH of the carbon brushes for the Leroy furling motor when they are new? I am trying to source spare brushes locally or on eBay but do not have a new brush left to measure. Obviously I can measure the side dimensions from my worn ones. If possible can you please state the length in millimeters.

Incidentally, when the motor starts to play up I found that swapping the top and bottom brushes over the best way of restoring normal operations. Cleaning the brush surfaces and the commutator only worked for one or two cycles whereas swapping the brushes seemed to fix the problem more permanently.

With thanks

Ian Shepherd SM2K 414 Crusader Larnaca Cyprus



As I have recently discovered, Amel used several different motors which had different brushes.  The only sure way to get the correct replacement is to copy the numbers off the plate on the motor and buy them from the manufacturer.  The motors on my boat have different brushes.  I just bought a correct set from the manufacturer branch in Canada (it is on the internet).  Cleaning all of the carbon dust (with a vacuum nearby) also helps the motors.


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The only way to get the correct brushes is to look at the numbers on the motor and contact Leroy Somers or Amel.  The motors are not necessarily the same and Amel used a number of motors that had very different brushes.


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