staysail mizzen setup

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Hello there
I'm considering my sail wardrobe  for a N Atlantic circuit next year
I've seen and heard on this forum that people rate the mizzen staysail highly 
I;ve never owned a ketch before but i'm interested in experimenting with this
However, my boat does not have a mizzen staysail onboard

I would be really interested in how this sail is supposed to be set up on my (not super Maramu
I  have seen a u bolt on deck just fwd of the hard dodger. Is this for the tack or does the tack attach more to windward?

basically any pointers as to tack and sheets much appreciated alond withthoughts on when the sail is best used. Downwind to beam reach, light airs etc? 

Many thank in advance
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Ian Park

Yes it is for the tack. There should be a spare halliard on the mizzen for the staysail. I run the sheets back through the same pulleys I use for the ballooner. They are attached near the pushpit and then run forward to the two small winches on the cockpit end of the aft deck.
That is the Santorin setup, don't know how it compares with the Maramu. Most useful on a beam reach or just aft. Easy to use with two.

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Ian Townsend

All my spare sails are in bags and labelled en francais. Is this the sail called Artimon?

Ian Townsend
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