Dish washer/washer dryer

james Hosford

How many people use the dishwasher and clothes washer ? Or do you typically just wash by hand or go ashore for laundry?

Alan Leslie

We use the dishwasher as a drying rack and then once in a while actually run it to keep it clean.
We use the clothes washer all the time...ours is a Siemens and it does a better job than any marina laundry I've ever used.
Elyse SM437

Paul Osterberg

We use the washing machine but the dishwasher is replaced by a freezer 
Paul on SY Kerpa SM259


We used the dish washer not to often. It was a help when we had friends on board and a lot of dish to clean. We are always surprised how fast the dish washer cleans the dish.

The washing machine on board is perfect. It makes it so much easier. We had never problems using it. 

SV JoEmi
SM 2000 No. 397

Duane Siegfri

We didn't use the dishwasher, so we removed it to free up the storage space.

Wanderer, SM#477


My dishwasher works very well and has done so for many a year. Why, I even sleep with her.

Best Regards
Barry & Robyn
Tradewinds III SV #171


Jut one more data point:

On our boat the dishwasher was removed to make room for more storage a long time ago. We do not miss it.  We use way less water washing by hand, and do not find that to be a burden.

The clothes washer we use when we are away from the dock for extended periods (which is common).  If we know we are going to be tied to shore with access to commercial laundry facilities, we might save up laundry to do there.  On our Amel we have never done laundry by hand.

Bill Kinney
SM160, Harmonie
Fort Lauderdale, FL

Derick Gates SM2K #400 Brava

I started just washing dishes by hand, but have found the dishwasher to be very convenient and quick and use it much more often now.  The clothes washer is used all the time, but I dry clothes by hanging them up, not using the dryer function. 

Derick Gates
SM2K#400 Brava
Currently on the hard in Bailey's boatyard, Antigua