Replacing AMFA Fresh Water System by Jabsco


Hi Dan,

No issue about pressure. It blows nearly the same pressure than the AMFA (no need for particular precaution in term of faucet opening/closing, just normal operation and normal pressure)
In order to be the best spare part you have to prepare the pipes and diameter adaptors to connect with the copper pipes (one is coming from the tank and is below the salt water "machine gun ;-)", the other is filling the circuit starting with the watermaker filter 3 ways gate.
With you 1m pipe ready for the both sides, you're ready to change in a matter of minutes by connecting the 3 wires (I remember that the white is for the green light panel indicator but I'm not currently on board)
Quick disconnect is just a smart system allowing to connect/disconnect easily… no worries about that it's strong and waterproof.`

I hope it helps.


We replaced our AMFA pump back in 2011 when we were in Vanauatu, proved to be a very expensive exercise, only to have it fail again 2013. Old technoligy I'm afraid, the the plumbing method is used on every residence who are surviving on a rain water tank. I am not sure what the small Acumilator did that was mounted on the top of the pump itself, but we retained the 10 ltr Accumilator mounted behind the Quick Marine Boiler (Hot water system) that maintains a regular water pressure. We replaced the AMFA pump with a SPX Johnson Pump WPS 3.5. I managed to wire up the green light in the galley and the system has worked perfectly since.

Kind Regards
Barry & Robyn
Tradewinds III SM # 171