Bow Thuster Control Box


Hi All,

I have been stricken with the dreaded bow thruster burn up! This has happened to a few of you so I am reaching out because we are stuck for a fix. The usual story - Hole in BT is sitting slightly higher than the pin-lock. The up-sensor was a bit erratic and probably allowed the BT to go up to high and jamming the up-down rod. My model does not have a fuse and sure enough we burnt up the motor. I now have a shiny new fabriqué en France motor and it is installed. When commanding the motor to go up from the helm it goes up. When commanding to go down it buzzes like it is already down. Rod does not move down. We are thinking it is one of the orange relays on the circuit board. We changed the diodes out to be sure it was not them. Does that sound right? Any ideas would be appreciated. We are trying to leave and this is keeping us dockside. Thanks in advance.


s/v Joy

SM2K #388



Good evening Chuck, assuming it’s the box of tricks not the limit switches, whilst I cannot help by way of providing you with a new box, a short while ago I contacted Olivier asking if he would contact the original maker to re manufacturing a new box for me. The answer was that one box was not an attractive option, however if a number could get together he might be able to assist.
The fact is that without this box we are dead in the water, ever since I took delivery I am contious that Amel specific items will become harder and harder to source.
Might I suggest you contact Olivier to see what could be done in terms of a bulk order?
Sorry I cannot be more help but it may be a way out if it’s the box not a limit switch problem
Patrick 385 CARAMELLE Antigua.

Mark Pitt

  I would like one of these as well.
  Mark Pitt
  Sabbatical III, SM#419