Manual mainsail furler

Patrick McAneny

A couple of months ago , I could not unfurl the main . I dropped the motor and could not unfurl it manually. I move the winch handle back and forth and after a couple of minutes I succeeded  to get the furler to move. I have noticed for years oil or grease oozing from where the winch handle is placed. Can that unit be accessed to clean and grease the gears? Is there a seal to be replaced to prevent the oil/grease from escaping ? I did put a grease fitting in it years ago , but have not added grease  for a few years. 


Pat SM#123

Duane Siegfri

If it is turning with difficulty, you likely have a rusted bearing, probably the top one.  I posted a series of photos on how to disassemble the manual furler.  Go to "Photos" and search for "Manual Furler Gearbox".  That should help you with the overhaul.  You will have to source new bearings and O-rings.

Wanderer, SM#477