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Hi Bill,
Thanks much for taking the time to clarify this issue with rigging pricing.  I compared the two quotes quickly and it is clear that there are more parts included on my quotes than on yours.  There is also an increase in Labor costs of Euros 385 which represents a 14.5% increase.  As you noted he also included Euros 673 in VAT.  Hopefully I'll be able to exclude that from my quote as you suggested.   The difference in parts is Euros 1,445 if my math is correct.  

The real difference in the quotes from Trinidad and Martinique is the labor costs which are 127% higher in Martinique.  Gaetan lists 55 hours at Euros 55 per hour and Jason from Trinidad lists cost only with no manhour breakdown.  FYI, the Seattle quote lists 92 manhours at Euros 80/hour ($95/Hour), but he takes the mast down to do the work.  The parts costs are only 23% higher in Martinique which could be attributed to superior parts from Amel or their supplier.  I'll be checking on Friday with Jason from Trinidad on the quality of the parts he supplies.  As one other person pointed out Jason uses the existing turnbuckle body for the the head stay since he cannot source it.  

Based on your comments and the comment of others I will probably go with Gaetan to do the re-rigging. It's a little more convenient to do it in Martinique anyway since my sailing plans are a little changed.  Again, I really appreciate your help especially and the help of everyone else who responded to my request for comments.  In retrospect, I should have been using this forum more often over the past 4 years as I circumnavigated.  It's amazing to me how responsive and helpful the Amel owners are.  I can report that every Amel owner I met on my circumnavigation became an immediate friend.  

I assume this message will be available to the others who responded to my original message.

A Bientot,
Bill Shaproski 
S/V Pacific Cool

Ian Park

I'm in Marin now and there is still the facility for tax exclusion (10%). It costs 450 euros, so you need to be spending more than 4,500 euros to be cost effective.
Look out for Patrick on S M 'Django Mayosa' , his wife deals with this and he also represents the Martinique Sailing Association. They speak excellent English.

We had a number of jobs done including new engine and C Drive mounts, new engine blowers and cleaning the heat exchanger, taking off the boom to remove the gearbox etc, replacing the tricolour and anchor light and some new standing rigging work. Total cost was €2700 which I was delighted with. The whole team were great. Jean Collin leaves for Amel Hyeres on Friday and Alban takes over here. I can't speak too highly of Didier the engine mechanic. He is exceptionally dedicated to his work and is only satisfied with perfection, but above all is the most charming man to have on your boat.

Apologies for the big spiel, but I believe like many others that supporting Amel is vital and they charge a fair price for excellent work.

Happy 2018 adventures to all

Ian and Linda

Ocean Hobo SN96 - Martinique