Mainsail Drop


We noticed a horizontal rip in our Super Maramu 2000 Mainsail about a metre down from the top of the mast.

It seems to be at a horizontal sail fabric joint/stitched seam.   Perhaps the fabric is thicker at that point and it has been slowly chafing / rubbing over a 5 year period of light use.

I thought it would be a "five minute job" to release at the winch and allow the mainsail to slide down the groove in the shaft.

I untied near the bottom gearbox but despite furling in and out several times and then pulling hard at the bottom with the sail fully unfurled the mainsail is stuck solid.  Any clues?

I plan to climb up the mast next week to take a look.  Maybe its jammed in the groove near the top or????

Any guidance / tips from the experts would be appreciated.

John and Mali Morton

Wanderer SM

Auckland NZ.


When this happened to us, I had to climb the mast to manually unroll the sail above the tear.

Bill Kinney
SM160,  Harmonie
North Bimini, Bahamas

Ian Park

My mainsail halliard was stuck after 18 months out of the water, so I couldn’t put the mainsail on. At Le Marin the AMEL lads got it moving by hauling down hard while turning the furl in motor back and forward so there was movement between the foil and the roller. This unstuck it. The top furler has a delrin core bearing which had got stuck. They weren’t sure whether it had deformed in the heat, but after spraying it with silicone spray it moved freely and was fine to use. I guess it probably got a lot of dust washed down between the bearing and the foil.

We also sprayed the bolt rope with silicone spray and it made the hoist very easy.

Ocean Hobo SN 96 - Antigua