Oh no...MOLD

Duane Siegfri

We have mold all over the backrest in the midship cabin, and to a lesser extent in the forward cabin.  I tried two mold removers with partial success, but we still have spots.  Amazon's Mildew Stain Away and Concrobrim Mold Control.  Amazon's works quite a bit better but only removed 3/4's of the stain.    

We had gear piled up against the backrests resulting in dead air.  We kept the cabinet doors open and they appear to be clear of mold.

We thought about following the mold removal products with a carpet cleaner, but I'm doubting that would remove the mold.

Any ideas would be appreciated.



Wanderer, SM#477

Gary Wells

I had considerable staining when I acquired Adagio.  Folex makes a mold/mildew product which did a good job.  I did, however, also use a lot of elbow grease and a carpet steamer/cleaner to get it out .. well .. ~most~ of it.  It seems very difficult bring the carpeting/lining material back to 'purity', but the Folex was the best thing I've used that does not have chlorine in it.  Starbright make a powerful mold-remover for canvas but it definitely has bleach in it.  I used it on our bimini with great success, you just have to rinse thoroughly and quickly.

Best of luck!

Gary W
s/v Adagio, SM 209
Fethiye, Turkey

Duane Siegfri

Thanks Gary.