Results of Standing Rigging Replacement in Trinidad


I previously started a conversation on whether to replace my standing rigging in Trinidad, Martinique, or Seattle.  I provided quotes for parts and labor at all three locations.  I had some very good comments which helped me to decide on Jason Rommel in Trinidad who quoted $9,665 versus $13,775 from Gaetan in Martinique (who is recommended by Amel), and $23,000 in Seattle.  The main difference seems to be labor. See my report.  Jason has a very tidy shop in Peake Yachts Marina and is from Sweden.  He used South Korean KOS 316 SS metric wire which is as good as it gets in quality wire. The end fittings and turnbuckles were either from Seldon or Peterson, both of whom are quality suppliers.  Jason was unable to source the short turnbuckle on my forestay so he had a machine shop build one at no extra charge.  The end fittings were in inches.  Jason's quote included replacement of the inner forestay wire and fittings which the other quotes did not include.  He was able to start two days after I accepted his quote.  It took him 10 days due to constant rain and other boats he was working at the same time.  I wasn't concerned since I had to remain in Trinidad waiting parts.  As far as I can see he did a great job and was a pleasure to work with.  

He can be reached +1-868-774-8326 or trinidadrigging@....  I had previously sent this message as part of my first conversation but it seems to be lost and I wanted to provide follow-up to the group.  


Bill Shaproski

S/V Pacific Cool