Maramu: Location for watermaker

smiles bernard

Hi there
I have recently ordered a schenka watermaker.
It comes in two parts. The pump and the Reverse Osmosis unit.
The pump needs to be <2m from the skin fitting and the RO unit closeish and lowish to the pump.
I was wondering if other had fitted watermakers and if so where.
I’m going to try and keep it out of the engine room as it’s crowded already with batteries /alternators etc. None of which like Water!
So considering either or a combination of low in the port cockpit locker (under a removable false floor perhaps) and or behind the aft heads (between the heads and the port hull side)

Any thoughts and experience most welcome!

Fair winds

Michael Konz <mkbiz@...>

I installed an Aquabase watermaker in the engine room. The pump went on a
small platform besides the battery compartment and the main unit is wall
mounted at the port side of the engine room as far forward as possible.
So I still have enough place in the engine room to do all the works.

Good luck


Hi Miles,

We mounted the reverse osmosis and the high pressure pump in the engine compartment.  We located the feed pump in the port cockpit lazarette, down by the fresh water heater.  We had to locate the feed pump outside the engine compartment because it would overheat.

Wherever you end up locating it, because it draws seawater, I recommend the location has direct drain to the bilge in case of a broken connection.

Dennis Johns
Maramu #121 

Alejandro Paquin

Good morning Miles, I have a neighbour with a 1981 Maramu with a watermaker installed in the forward cabin closet, this is closest point to salt water connections, drains, electrical power and water tank. I don´t have one, yet!!

Maramu 1981
Naiguatá, Venezuela