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Hi Paul

Our Rutland disintegrated in 50 55 knot winds off New Zealand South Island 

Was told by an experienced French sailor that the Rutland we had was only rated to 40 knots

We replaced with a silent wind 2000 (?) higher up the mizzen than the Rutland had been to clear main topping lift etc

Works well with higher output and no vibration but some background blade noise which is not an annoying issue. The brake system either auto or manual works very well
But yes expensive 
John Hayes Nga Waka Santorin hull 17

Wellington NZ

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We plan to install a wind generator probably a Rutland 1200 on top of the mizzen mast.

We are currently not at the boat (Georgetown Maryland) and wonder if someone know how the top of the mizzenmast look like? Measures? Is it easy access to put nuts and bolts through the top to bolt the wind generator? Any advise from someone who have made that before would be appreciated. There is a mounting kit in aluminium available for 499 $ looks expensive to me, thinking of having one made in 316 SS would probably be less cost. Weight a loft is of course an issue.

Paul on SY Kerpa SM#259 Lagos Portugal


Hi I have a pair of Rutland 1200's on a solar arch and have found that the blades make almost no noise. So on deck they are very quiet but, and it is a big but, they resonate into the aft cabin such that if it is breezy we shut them down at night in order to sleep. I put a rubber plate on the mounts but it only helped a bit. I often wonder whether we made a mistake and should have only bought one and mounted it on the mizzen!

I have to say that at sea so long as we are not running downwind they are amazing, such that we can run all the systems and never drain the batteries. There is always lots of noise whilst sailing anyway, that the resonating inside is not a problem. It actually dulls the autopilot ram that is under the bed in the aft cabin!

Amelia Amel 54 #019

Paul Osterberg

Thank you, will chek up the Rutland 1200 ability to withstand wind
we plan to make the full voyage around so we probably will encounter some strong wind now and then

Paul on SY kerpa SM#259